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About Me

In my long professional career as a dancer and choreographer in Contemporary Dance I have done lots of research on the power of breath and visualization, the beauty of centering & aligning body, mind and spirit, of resilience and resonance. I have learned to inhabit my body. Sexual energy has always been the main resource for my creativity and my life force. My body has become my best advisor, partner and temple. For over 30 years now I have been teaching dance and body awareness guided by this passion.


In the past 20+ years I have been heavily influenced by readings of mystics like E Tolle, Osho, A.H. Almaas. I have been immersing myself into the practices of ancient temple arts, especially Tantra, Taoism and Shamanism. I am fascinated by neurophysiology, quantum physics, the concept of embodiment, the tool of visualization. These arts and sciences repeatedly confirm the magical intelligence of the body and have revealed to me the meaning of sacred principles such as "Oneness" as an embodied understanding of the connection to myself, to other people, to other living beings, to nature: "resonance" on a cellular level, a broader concept of "Love", out of which Trust and healing arise.

However, for me, the most important teacher is everyday life, the confrontation with myself and my loved ones, the challenges of experimenting with new and unconventional forms of relating in search of my truth I have matured by going through many highs and lows, I have been in great pain, experienced addiction, crises and depression. Now I know that Love, sexual pleasure, community,  humility, gratitude and - humour! have the power of healing.

Today I work with people (identifying either as man ore as woman) who feel a longing for more contact with their body, for sexual well-being, or better even: ecstasy, 'joie de vivre', and freedom: YOU?.  I lead them through powerful, transforming somatic experiences, be it in Private sessions ("Conscious Touch 1:1"), as a couple or be it in groups (“In Flow": Movement Lab and/or "In Touch": Contact in Movement. Workshops/Retreats). I use words, but mainly TOUCH and encourage breath, movement and sound.


Sessions in Deutsch, Français, English

  • University degree in Linguistics, Literature and Philosophy with focus on couple communication, psycholinguistics

  • Education and extensive activity in the field of Contemporary Dance in the USA, France, England and Switzerland.

  • Certified Dance and Movement teacher BGB III

  • Trainings in classical and tantric massage

  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker IISB, 

  • International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Graduate of levels 1, 2 and 3

  • Practitioner Training Graduate, International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), 

  • Assistant to Araminta Barbour, Komala Lyra, Elaine Young  (all ISTA), 

  • Retreats with Pema Gitana (Wild Tantra, Kaula Tantra), 

  • De-Armouring Practitioner Training I&II (De-armouring Arts)

  • Non-violent communication

  • Adult educator (SVEB II) 


Steadily walking further on my spiritual path 

Always eager to grow and to learn,

always on the move.

Let me share all these gifts with you!

So much Love, 

Eva Katharina

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