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Sacred Bodywork

Many feel they lack full access to their creativity, joy and power. They become aware that something is shut down, numb, or calling for activation. 


Our physical body is a portal to all aspects of Self –  it is a source of creativity, power and ecstasy but it also has cellular memory. When we are confronted with an experience too intense or too hard to process - woundings associated with the event may be given to the body to hold and these manifest themselves in form of tensions, contractions, blockages, numbness  etc. 

Ancient cultures understood the magic and power of sexuality. Sexuality is the driving creative force that allows life to perpetuate and thrive. And sexuality is so much more than the sexual act – wherever different energies seek each other, merge, separate, and merge again, sexuality is at play. As you come in contact with the infinite source of pleasure, love and life that resides deep within your body, you may find blockages that obstruct the natural flow of your erotic energy.

Cultural conditioning, early childhood trauma, shame and guilt, and a collective trauma around sexuality have particularly cut us off from our pelvic area, genitals, womb and  buttocks, blocking our life-force energy at its root. Once you realize that sexual energy is at the very basis of creation, you can move beyond these constricting layers.

In these sessions the body’s cellular memory and wisdom may be accessed through the use of massage, conscious touch and sacred rituals such as sacred spot practice for men and women.  Shamanically, gifts of power are waiting to be reclaimed, fragments of the self or ‘soul-retrieval’. These sessions enable the seeker to clear the body temple from held pain or fears particularly in the pelvis by releasing and reclaiming the power which lies beneath. By increasing the flow of Kundalini energy and clearing emotional blocks, more pleasure and vitality is experienced in every moment of life. We can re-open our hearts from relationship wounds and gain freedom from any shame around our gender, sexuality, body image etc. 

These sessions can be highly emotional, with the potential for rapid, fundamental transformation

  • Sessions last up to 3 hours

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