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In Flow/ In Touch

In Flow


Explore the enormous wisdom of your body in guided movement exercises, expand your movement repertoire while improvising, experience freedom and bliss when dancing!

My dance class is based on an organic, holistic understanding of technique. I combine elements of modern dance techniques with the latest developments in dance and with the results of my own movement research.  

In my class I focus on attentive perception and a sensitive use of the body with the aim of supporting expressive and musical dancing. Mobility, coordination, strength and elasticity are trained through active relaxation and natural alignment. The breathing, the clarity of the body geometry, the weight shift and the movement impulse are given special attention. With this "understanding" the participants learn either different movement sequences and phrases from my repertoire or they will be invited to improvise to a variety of stimuli and find their unique personal expression.  In a further phase participants will learn to bring form to their wild expression by composing their free and unique movement elements into phrases and ultimately 'dance poems'. 


New workshops are in planning - to be announced soon

Available for invitations

In Touch

is intimacy in motion

In relational movement practices, solo, paired, in trios, in small groups and large group, I invite you to practise presence and explore with your body modalities of relating.

We will move from intimate to intense, from stillness to movement - the most basic ingredients of making love ..            


With simple improvisation exercises I will guide you toward relaxation of body and mind and to a place of awareness from where you can sense dance impulses arise:

Where and how would your energy like to move? 

Where and how are your YESes and your Nos in your movement? 


At the same time you'll get to know your body better and you'll expand your movement repertoire. All this in an open, sensual and safe space in which you can enter into a playful relationship with yourself and, above all, with others. 

You will learn

- to be relaxed and fully present

- to use your body's wisdom to connect and interact with others non-verbally with more ease, flow and more Eros;

- ways to yield, surrender and let go into the moving connection and aliveness with another body;
- to find your Yes and playing on the edge - to trust your gut’s Yes and No;
- ways to access, trust, guide and express your body's wisdom and its innate drive to heal, adapt and develop new capacities when interacting.
- how to lead and follow, and dissolve into a dialogue in sync with yourself and your partner(s), in stillness and movement, energetically, emotionally and physically.
- ways to access and trust your wild, untamed power.

New workshops are in planning.

Available for invitations

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