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Why book a private 'Conscious Touch' session with me ?

The following topics are among the most common:



  • Desire to improve your sex life and keep it exciting

  • Deepen your intimacy

  • Learn to give and receive more pleasure 

Beings in a male body

  • Premature ejaculation 

  • Erectile dysfunction 

  • Numbness, 'armouring', no sensitivity

  • Porn addiction / arousal issues

  • Learn about the 'Male Sacred Spot'

Beings in a female body

  • Inability to orgasm 

  • Relief of pelvic pain 

  • Vaginal numbness, 'armouring'

  • Learn about the 'Female Sacred Spot'

  • Getting to know more pleasure zones


  • Libido issues

  • Difficulty to accept your own body, gender and sexuality 

  • Feeling constricted 

  • Loss of contact with emotions

  • Heal past wounds 

  • Limited pleasure spectrum, feeling numb

  • Lack of energy, power 

  • Explore an expand your potential

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