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My Approach

I believe

- in an embodied spirituality that celebrates the body as a path to spiritual growth, consciousness and freedom.

- in the healing power of love.

- in the magic that happens when we combine our sexual energy with consciousness and love.


Unfortunately, we all set limits to the quantity and quality of pleasure that we could experience. We live in a culture that shames sexuality and does not teach us how to honour and celebrate erotic energy. Emotional wounds embed themselves in the tissues and reactions of the body. In my sessions I can guide you towards an expansion of your potential of feeling pleasure and this has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.


I work with people who feel a burning desire for more passion, laughter and lightness - in their life and in their partnership, who want to feel and experience their femininity or masculinity more strongly, who want to develop their full potential and live passionately, without feeling guilty or selfish. They want to be able to muster the strength to say "no" more often in order to be able to say without fear what they really need and want. They want to take the voice of their soul first and then follow it. Is this YOU?


If this IS you, let's find out what interests and challenges you have in the area of sexuality. I offer you a sensual, protected, somatic learning space in which you can express yourself completely freely without being judged. You can talk about yourself, ask questions. Thereby I can possibly explain, point out, mediate certain things to you. Mainly, however, we work and communicate with the body.  In a session I may, if I feel it is appropriate, mix modalities of approaches and methods.. I invite you to focus on your senses, to track and dissolve any patterns which may obstruct your pleasure and to welcome new experiences. Always in dialogue with you, I would like to awaken in you dormant possibilities and support you in exploring your sexuality in a self-determined way, so that you can then integrate the deepened perception into your sense of being: it is about becoming your own and best coach. 

I invite you into a space of somatic resonance. It is all about vibrations and it is all about listening. There’s a healing intelligence in the body that expresses itself when given the opportunity, when the barriers of fear and inhibition are lowered. This space is a space of loving presence.  


I consider it as my mission to support you in re-connecting with your body, in re-discovering the healthy, natural flow of erotic energy that is stored there, and channeling this energy as creative force.

I enjoy working with and welcome individuals and couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

I work in accordance with the Ethical Principles and Guidelines of the European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers (EASB) and am a member of Trusted Bodywork

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