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What can you achieve?
  • Improving your sex life and keeping it exciting as a long-term couple

  • Deeper intimacy, more magic

  • Giving and receiving more pleasure 

  • Expansion of your own pleasure spectrum 

  • Owning and communicating your desires, fears and boundaries

  • Strengthening your ability to set boundaries and say  a clear “no” and a clear 'yes'

  • Reconnecting to your emotional body

  • Releasing stored emotions, move their energy

  • Opening your heart centre

  • Healing physical and energetic trauma

  • General and specific 'De-Armouring'

  • Releasing shame, inhibitions, and fears around your sexual power

  • Activating your life energy (Kundalini)

  • Sexual, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Unwavering self-acceptance

  • Experiencing the full expression of your authentic untamed self:  feeling whole, feeling alive!

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