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The Magic of Intimate Relating

In my long experience of relating I learnt that the key to deepening intimate relating is to always be fully present with the intentions to relate, to focus on and re-discover what is, in the present moment (how am I, how are you?), to breathe, to connect with the hearts via the bodies in order to be energetically ready for one another. It is not so much about doing more nor about following ‘golden rules’, it is simply about being, observing and listening,  It is about looking beyond, and, ultimately, getting rid of all the socially conditioned layers of personality, fear and judgment. And: it is about appreciation and gratitude.


And this means, first of all, to create space and time, to slow down, to observe our body language and touch and breathe.. This is unusual. We tend to by-pass our uneasiness by quickly moving into our heads (talking) or by going straight into having sex. Instead, by doing less and by focusing on subtle bodily expressions, we discover a lot more about ourselves and about our partner.


The spirit of TANTRA is always present in my work.



Of course before we can fully welcome our partner’s love and presence, we have to look at ourselves. You can only receive as much love from another as you have for yourself. If you want others to honor and respect you, you must actively honor your truth and treat yourself with respect.  Without it, challenging dynamics dictated by unconscious needs and reactions will interfere with true connection, happiness and fulfillment.


Therefore relating and, in particular, intimate relating can be a great path for growth and awakening and can help you to throw off your armour, and sex, as a result of this authentic intimacy built on unwavering presence, trust and vulnerability, will simply be amazing.


These sessions are designed for individuals and for couples. (Workshops for couples are in planning)

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