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Conscious Touch

Body-focused Coaching for more sexual pleasure and life force
Eva Katharina Schaeffeler 

Address sexual problems

Expand your potential for sexual pleasure!

Access your life force!

Get new inspirations for intimate relating!

Improve your emotional and spiritual well-being!

My Approach

I believe

- in an embodied spirituality that celebrates the body as a path to spiritual growth, consciousness and freedom.

- in the healing power of love and loving presence

- in the magic of the fusion of love, consciousness and sexual energy.


About Me

In my long professional career as a dancer and choreographer in Contemporary Dance I have discovered the power of breath and visualization, the beauty of resilience and resonance. I have learned to inhabit my body. My body has become my best advisor, partner and my temple.



From reflex to conscious choice  -

                        From numbness to orgasmic bliss -


                                            From contraction to expansion - 


                                                         From self-criticism to loving self-acceptance


Counselling, Private Sessions & Workshops

Image by Dainis Graveris
Sexological Bodywork®

Sexological Bodywork is a vivid, creative and very effective way of somatic learning that connects body-focused sex coaching with awareness-oriented somatic bodywork.

De-Armouring &
Emotional Release Work 

The purpose of De-Armouring  is to improve life quality, sensitivity, to assist release of emotional blockages and trauma. It can be practiced in various forms.

An emotion (like rage) is  a vital source of energy. What we want to learn is to acknowledge their underlying creative power..

Sacred Bodywork

These sessions enable the seeker to clear the body temple from held pain or fears particularly in the pelvis by releasing and reclaiming the life force which lies beneath.

Intimate Relating

Relating and, in particular, intimate relating can be a great path for growth and awakening and can help you to throw off your armour. Sex, as a result of an authentic intimacy which is built on trust and vulnerability, will simply be amazing.

In Flow/ In Touch

In Flow

Explore the enormous wisdom of your body in guided movement! 

Experience freedom and bliss while dancing

In Touch 

is  dance in contact: intimacy in motion. 

Why would you want to book private 'Conscious Touch' sessions with me?

The following topics are among the most common:

  • Libido issues

  • Difficulty to accept your own body, gender and sexuality 

  • Feeling constricted 

  • Feeling disconnected from your sensual, sexual self

  • Loss of contact with your emotions

  • Heal past wounds 

  • Limited pleasure spectrum 

  • Desire to explore and expand your potential

  • Feeling 'armoured', numb, no sensitivity

  • Porn addiction 

  • Lack of energy, power 


  • Desire to improve your sex life and keep it exciting and joyful

  • Deepen your intimacy

  • Learn to give and receive more pleasure 

How does this work in practice?

Every session is unique and crafted to meet your individual needs and desires. It is about learning, it is about experiencing with and through the body. it is about repatterning and 're-wiring' your brain, getting rid of restricting habits. 

In my sessions we talk, we move, we breathe and laugh together. There may be tears, too.

What can you achieve?

  • Improve your sex life and keep it exciting as a long-term couple

  • Deepen intimacy with you partner

  • Learn to give and receive more pleasure 

  • Reconnect to your physical body and senses: reclaim your juiciness

  • Own and communicate your desires, fears and boundaries

  • Strengthen your ability to set boundaries and say  a clear “no” and a clear 'yes'

  • Reconnect to your emotional body: release stored emotions, move their energy

  • Open your heart centre

  • Heal physical and energetic trauma

  • Release shame, inhibitions, and fears around your sexual power

  • Activate your life energy (Kundalini)

  • Sexual, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Unwavering self-acceptance

  • Experience the full expression of your authentic self:  feel whole, feel alive!

If any of this feels right for you, I invite you to contact me per MAIL

to arrange a CALL where we can discuss practical details of your session.


Thank you for your great and passionate work. You have guided me through lots of deep experiences, shown me new paths and options which have opened to me new horizons. I am looking forward to our upcoming sessions.
RB, male, 46
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