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Liquid Love  offers you a safe space for deep immersion into the world of the senses in a community of like-minded people, an exploration of sensuality in its purest form: skin-to-skin contact lubricated by warm organic oil to allow flow.


In this deliciously juicy and playful event we will explore new modalities of (non-verbal) communication through touch, we will learn about boundaries and consent. You will experience new ways of meeting, interacting and connecting with people, new possibilities  of experiencing intimacy, everything guided by our values: authenticity, trust, respect and LOVE.


Warm, fine, neutral oil will be poured over you. iI will then gradually spread over your whole body which allows you to engage in flowing skin to skin contact and move in a pool of oil together with other oily bodies.  Everyone is invited to respect their own rhythm and boundaries regarding touch and nudity.

Allow yourself to feel erotic energy without reacting to it, without intentions, or goals. Just relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you and be present with the erotic sensations and thoughts. 

This unique experience has supported many people in their personal journeys in finding more authenticity, freedom, resilience and connection.

We believe that Liquid Love is also a valuable contribution towards a shift in the community discourse, towards a growing awareness regarding practices around consent and sexuality and, ultimately, towards  creating a more compassionate and happier world.

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